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Lori - great tourist attraction!

As a follow up to yesterday's post, here are a couple of pictures from our "tourist attraction" Lori region.

Akhtala tailing dumps

I am sure that everyone will appreciate the view of the tailing dump nearby the Akhtala monastery

The tailing dump goes straight into Debed.

Beautiful Debed has a weird color.... the color of poison

Pictures on how one of the most beautiful forests is being destroyed in favor of copper mining.

This one requires no comments at all.

Indeed Lori region is beautiful and we need to preserve this beauty. Only when this is done any talks about developing tourism in Armenia may be legitimate. This requires that certain individuals take their hands off it and let the nature remain, government officials to carry out their responsibilities with due diligence and care. The public on its turn should actively follow and express its opinion on environmental issues. After all, the environment concerns us all!!

p.s. The article in Hetq mentions that the owner of the "Metal Prince" company is most likely to be responsible for development of the tourism project. Interestingly enough, "Metal Prince" is the owner of the Akhtala factory operations of which result in the Akhala tailing dumps. Maybe "Metal Prince" should first consider remedying the environmental damage it causes to Lori region by operating the Akhtala factory and only then think of promoting tourism.

Photos by Karen Apoyan, Marine Tavaratsyan and Ara Tamanyan
Tags: armenia, environment

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